For all my life a violinist I am now in retirement and can dedicate much of my time to photography. I am amazed how much influence the creative stimulation of the photography has on my understanding of music and especially on playing and teaching the violin.

I got my first camera, a box, for my tenth birthday. Just as music, photography was always a common interest in my family. From one of my first salaries I bought a Nikon FM with a big zoom and my adventure of discovering the visible world started. I did a lot of darkroom work, black and white printing, until I switched over to digital photography a couple of years ago.

Past and current equipment used: from early Nikon FM and FE I changed to the digital Nikon D70 and D200 and now I use the D700 and the D7100 with -most of the time- the lenses 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm VR f2.8, 20mm 2.8  as well as my old micro 55mm 2.8.

Meanwhile my photos were published  in several newspapers, magazines, in CD booklets and on CD covers and shown in three exhibitions so far. Way to go!

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

there are two new albums of this year, Buenos Aires in black and white, to add some drama, and in color.

I took many photos wandering around, here you see what I discovered, what made me reflect, and the titles should help you, as a little guide, to understand, why I stopped to take a specific image.

I would appreciate your comments!




Vacation in Argentina

The photos you can see in the new album "Argentina 2010" are taken during my latest trip to Argentina. I stayed, together with my son Phaidon, for a week in Buenos Aires and then we travelled for a few days up north to the provinces of Salta nd Jujuy. We went to Tilcara, along the Quebrada as well as high up to the Salinas Grandes on 3800m  close to the Bolivian border. How can you possibly  reduce all those fantastic experiences into a small frame?  Here you see the result, enjoy!

lago Ceresio
January 2019

our cats
January 2019

Snow in March
March 2016

January 2016

Buenos Aires
February 2014

Buenos Aires
January 2014